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Welcome to Spintertainment! Authentic mountain bike spin videos for indoor training, entertainment and motivation. We document every foot of the best mountain bike trails in the world, start to finish, assembled into a fun invigorating experience. 

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Using the VHX On Demand platform you can watch Spintertainment videos on your favorite devices - your TV, tablet, computer or a smartphone. Once you purchase or rent your video you can log in using your Spintertainment account to watch your videos.  

To connect your TV, all you need is a smart TV or an external internet-connected media player that offers the VHX app such as Apple TV4, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox or many DVD Players.



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Follow the instructions at the beginning of each video.

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$9.99\month after free 7 day trial

no commitments, “Pause”/cancel anytime


On Screen Heads Up Display

Our easy to follow "Heads Up Display" gives you all the data you need to work hard & lets you know what is coming next so you always feel prepared!

In our world a level 5 is your starting ground or "Threshold". Threshold is how much power you can put out for a consistent period of time such as 30 minutes or an hour. It is working as hard as you can at a pace that you can maintain. There is a lot of power you can give above threshold in many ways from sitting to standing. Any level above 5 you will be at a pace that makes you want to quit at some point. Any level below 5 you are recovering in some form dropping you heart & breathing rate. Level 8 & above you will be standing!

5 Workouts Per Trail!

Each trail video has options for 5 different types of workouts to choose from.


Cadence Matched Music Soundtracks

Custom made music matches the beat to the pedal speed! This inspiring feature keeps you spinning at a good pace even when you start to get tired. This also allows you to stay with the workout even when you don't have a cadence meter on your bike.

$9.99\month after free 7 day trial | no commitments, “Pause”/cancel anytime