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Launch WestCo Article "Spintertainment Takes the Suck Out of Off-Season Training"

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Article Written March 26, 2017 at 11:43pm by Cecily Whiteside for Launch WestCo

Every great idea starts with a problem to solve. When professional mountain biker Eric Landis went looking for training videos to use for his indoor winter workouts, all he found were road bike videos. “I wanted to have mountain bike videos for my indoor training, so I started making them myself.” As he began filming local trails and using his homemade videos, word of mouth spread; friends wanted to try them. “The demand was there. People asked for more. These were amateur but people were enjoying them.” 

Now, several years later Eric has built a professional product that meets the need he saw and other confirmed as a gap in the market. “We have seven authentic trails filmed start to finish featuring professional riders. There are five or more different workouts for each trail totaling 40 available videos! We have an on-screen training graphic or “Heads Up Display” with specific workouts for each video. And we have original music by local artist Andy Bowen that matches the cadence so you pedal to the beat for each section of the ride.                                                                                                                          

For each trail, you can do the authentic ride that matches what the rider does on screen: When the trail goes uphill, the cadence slows and the intensity increases. You can opt for a power workout with short intervals, a strength workout with mid-length intervals, or cross-country with intervals of 10 minutes or more. Each of these options gives you a graphic in the upper right hand corner of the screen to let you know how hard your current section is and what’s coming next. Alternatively, you can simply watch the video for entertainment during your indoor training session.

Trails featured are 18 Road/North Fruita desert which features Eric Landis riding, Mary’s Loop/Horsethief Bench/Steve’s Loop featuring Anne Keiler and Sara Landis, Lunch Loops with Pete Knepper, Deer Valley Utah with Erica Tingey, Lenawee in Arapahoe Basin with Leigh Bowe, Crested Butte with Jari Hiatt and Evan Ross, and Sedona with Eric again.

Eric has always been interested in technology, having worked with car stereos in his teens, then moving to commercial and residential technology systems with All Sound Design for the past fifteen years. “That experience made this video project possible,” Eric says. “Making these videos is so hard, I realized why this product didn’t exist.” As Eric explains the process of filming for each of his videos, I agree. This is quite an undertaking!

“Basically, I am running all day carrying a pack with food and lenses, with a heavy camera held at arm’s length using motorized gimbals to stabilize the shots.” When making a road bike video like this, they use motorcycles to film. On trails, it’s all on foot. “The rider and I get set up. Sometimes I lead the shot, running, holding the camera backwards while the rider rides past me, then I turn and follow. I yell cut, and we do it again. Each shot is dynamic, moving and adjusting.” It sounds exhausting. Each video takes about a week to film. “I run all day every day for a week. There’s really no way to train for that,” Eric smiles, “but I try by hiking Mt Garfield with rocks in my pack.”

With the launch of the personal-use product, Eric has made these trails and workouts available through several purchase options. With unlimited streaming for $9.99 per month, you can access them through any major device: smart phone, computer, TV, and streaming boxes like Roku and Apple TV. “You can also download to your device to use for travel or at the gym, since their Wi-Fi usually isn’t fast enough to stream a video,” Eric adds. A three-day rental costs $3.99, or you can buy individual videos outright for $14.99.

The next steps for Eric, now that his product has launched, are threefold. “We have started working with a smart trainer manufacturer to integrate our product with smart trainers. This allows our videos to drive the workout from an app directly to the trainer. We manage pedal cadence, wheel speed, heart rate, and wattage.” These innovations will open the doors to a new and dedicated market. “We are also looking at new trails to expand the library.” This is an intense and time-consuming process that includes getting permits and planning for riders and well as preparing for the challenge of another physically exhausting shoot. “I do all this in my spare time,” Eric says. “I have to work around my time at All Sound Designs.”

The third aspect of Eric’s endeavors are to expand into the commercial market. “Gyms and spin studios would benefit from this product, so we are creating a turnkey streaming structure including video projection system for this application,” Eric explains. “More than half of our videos feature women riders. The majority of spin classes at gyms are made up of women. We wanted this product to feature riders they can identify with and are inspired by.” With the videos available now, and more in the works, Spintertainment brings a unique and exciting product to the mountain biking community.

Check them out for yourself at Spintertainment.com.

You can see 60 second samples of each trail to determine which one(s) would motivate you the most in your indoor training adventure. You can also try out free 30-minute versions on their YouTube channel. The bonus is that after riding to these videos all winter, you will not only be in shape for the mountain bike season, but on your next trip to western Colorado, you will be intimately familiar with some of our most iconic trails. While nothing beats the wind and sun and feel of rock and dirt under your wheels, Spintertainment gives you the next best thing; and takes the suck out of indoor workouts.

Spintertainment Press Release for Friday January 27th 2017

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Spintertainment Mountain Bike Spin Videos Official Release!

January 27th 2017 Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Indoor training just got a lot more fun with the release of Spintertainment, the world's first quality Mountain Bike spin videos! Designed to emulate the experience of riding on some of the best trails in the world from start to finish and getting a great workout along the way.  The dynamics of mountain biking make this an especially motivating and entertaining way to make an hour of hard work go by.  

Husband and wife Eric & Sara Landis started filming mountain bike trails 4 years ago to make training in the off season less miserable. Over that time, they developed several unique features.  Their easy to follow on screen display lets you know what is coming up next so you are always mentally prepared.

Heads Up Display Explanation.jpg

They offer several engineered workout options such as POWER, TRAIL and CROSS COUNTRY but their "AUTHENTIC" version is truly unique.  It exactly matches what it feels like to ride the actual trail. The workout is fast paced and as random as the trail itself! 


Also the fully custom "Cadence Matched" music soundtrack allows you stay on the RPM pace even when you don't have pedal speed feedback. Pedaling to the beat is not only fun, but helps you dig deep into the red zone by not slowing when you get tired. 

Professional riders star in their videos & they are extremely female friendly. Lady shredders are featured in over 50% of their videos.  These videos are fun to watch and the riders are all impressive and may even give you some new goals, especially after watching two girls ride the entire Horsethief Bench drop in! 

Spintertainment is launching the new series with 2 "trails", Mary's Loop/Horse Thief Bench & the 18 Road trails. Each offering 5 workout options, totaling 10 - 1 hour videos. These both take place in the high desert of Fruita, Colorado.  Shortly after that release they have new videos getting the finishing touches added to them in Deer Valley Utah, Sedona Arizona, Arapahoe Basin/Keystone Colorado, Grand Junction Colorado, Crested Butte Colorado (2 Hour Version) & Moab Utah. Their library will soon be totaling 45 videos competing with the best currently available! 

To watch the videos, Spintertainment partnered with the VHX video delivery service offering apps to play the videos anywhere you want. VHX offers apps for every major device including Apple, Android, Amazon, Roku & more! Their app gives you the ability to download the videos to your mobile device while on the go for use even when you are not connected to internet. 

  • From now until February 14th (Valentines Day) they are offering all their products 50% off!
  • After the 14th, Standard pricing will be:
    • $9.99 Streaming from the full library.
    • $3.99 for a 3 Day Rental.
    • $14.99 Purchase to own. There will be a pay what you want slider so if you like what you see & want to support more videos being made feel free to give'em a tip. 

Eric & Sara have managed to fund production of this overwhelmingly large project on their own so far but do need help. They are are looking for sponsors for existing or upcoming projects. This silly "Your Logo Here" video explains how a sponsorship works. 

Behind the Scenes

Thank you for your interest and support of Mountain Bike Spin Videos!

For more Information Please visit:


email: hello@spintertainment.com


 White Spintertainment Logo...

White Spintertainment Logo...

Getting Funded.

Eric LandisComment

Until now I have kept working full time in my technology business All Sound Designs.  I have made many sacrifices to fund Spintertainment with my meager pay & have been selling personal items to keep us going.  These personal items include a recreational rock crawler truck, large tools & extra audio video equipment I don't need any more.  These items had personal & emotional value to me but making Spintertainment work is more important.  

After selling about everything I can of any value I was reaching an end to my resources.  That is when we had the idea to start looking for sponsors or investors into the videos.  We are using well branded equipment all through our videos such as the bike, components, apparel & more.   We would be presenting these videos in front of an enthusiastic & interested crowd that would be great promotion for anyone in the cycling or even spinning community.  

I had this silly "Your Logo Here" video idea where I rode an all white bike in all white gear with "Your Logo Here" decals stuck all over.  We used highlights from riding that bike combined with the real footage from the 18 road shoot & a testimonial from my wife & co-owner Sara Landis to state simply what our goals are & the fact that we need sponsors to bring this product to life.  

We are putting the final touches on the website & have the Your Logo Here video about ready to go.  We want to start planning our next video shoot but must wait to get sponsors or other project funding arranged.  I plan on using other means such as Kickstarter also to bring this product to life & build an inventory of videos to keep people entertained & motivated during the off season or when having to train indoors. 

Going to Market & a 3rd feature.

Eric LandisComment

What started out as a very difficult multi month procedure to get a video completed was starting to flow.  We were learning lessons the hard way & getting faster & knew what we wanted out of the actual video product.  What we were missing was the business infrastructure.  For help with this we turned to local film making power house Hoptocopter Films.  

I had heard of these guys for years & knew they were the best around & honestly was intimidated to even call them assuming I could not afford them or they would not have time to look into my little spin video idea.  Owner Seth Schaeffer was more than open to the idea & immediately had some ideas of his own to help get us further along.  These included video acquisition & editing ideas, how to get funding, how to make a website to deliver the products & many more.  

We had been attempting to do everything in house using the best equipment we could afford & editing the first 2 videos together in what we felt was a quality product.  It was good for what we had but Hoptocopter brought with them tens of thousands of dollars of filming equipment & many years of high end production.  Their resources were so deep we could not conceive of turning out a product at their level.  However after throwing some ideas around their efficiency proved to be so good they could help us turn out a 3rd video in fractions of the time we were spending on our own & for about the same amount of money.  

Once again a huge lesson was learned & we hired them to film & edit the 3rd feature of our Mountain Bike Spin video series.  For this one we stayed close to home working at the 18 road trail network just north of Fruita CO.  This is an open & flowey series of high desert trails.   It was a nice location with good visibility for beautiful long shots.  Hoptocopter brought the equipment too!  They were using 2 super high end cameras one of which attached to a Movi balanced stabilizer which when operated by a skilled cinematographer allows them to literally run alongside the rider & film these amazing shots impossible to get with traditional means.  That long with some serious drone helicopter flying skills made the 18 Road video shoot something to get excited about.  

Even though Hoptocopter showed us a high level of production value & incredible efficiency that matched our own investment into each production I was quickly running out of money.

Take 2. Making another Mountain Bike Spin Video

Eric Landis1 Comment

We did have success with our first attempt at mountain bike spin videos but we had some failures also.  We got great feedback from guest of the class & what we heard over & over again is they really enjoyed the 3rd parts directors style shots.  In the first video we had about 20% of those nice panning or follow along shots where you could see the rider & terrain.  The other 80% was from onboard footage such as helmet camera or other similar shots.  People did not say they did not like those shots but they insinuated it.  

For our 2nd movie our goal was to go the other way & have at least 80% 3rd party shots with a small amount of onboard footage.  Since it was now in the dead of winter shooting another was going to be difficult.  It seemed most of my friends were making trips down to Sedona AZ & had wonderful things to say about it.  That was it then, a trip to Sedona was scheduled.

We really wanted to set this video apart & step up our production quality.  Longer shots, with better equipment, a 2nd cameraman, an RC Drone helicopter & more were gathered for this trip.  With the limited battery life & capabilities of the RC copter we also hired a real helicopter for 1/2 a day.  We scheduled plenty of time during an entire week living down there.  I invested into a truck slide in cab over camper that all 3 of us would live out of for the week.  We were ready!

Everything went almost perfect & according to plan.  Of course we ran into some challenges but in reality it was great.  Great weather & local friends to show us around & hang out with after hours.  The last day was the "real" helicopter day.  None of us had been up in a real helicopter & did not know what to expect filming by hand from up there.   We could have used a stabilization system of some sort & a different selection of lenses but once again  it went pretty well.  With a little work in post we were able to stabilize it & had some amazing long smooth shots that really told the story of the trail.  

We filmed a point to point ride on the Slim Shady Trails, transferring to High Line & finishing on Baldwin trail.  The edit came together in great fashion.  We laid our system of video overlays with timers & perceived resistance on it & debuted it to our spin class.  It was a hit!  We really nailed it & had a great looking product.  We were creeping up on having a saleable product to the world.   We were still missing the last few pieces such as a website, logo, branding & really any & all of the business side of it besides the idea.  

Taking our first mountain bike spin video to the public:

Eric LandisComment

My favorite local gym, Crossroads Fitness, who showed interest in the spin video idea has been very gracious allowing me to use their facility for testing.  As a matter of fact last year I was there as a customer & the spin instructor was not able to make it so they were sending everyone home.  I volunteered to lead just so everyone could get a ride in.  It was actually fun, scary but fun.  My first attempt at it with zero preparation I implemented some of the more dynamic sprinting style with recovery periods I used for my personal training.  People seemed to enjoy it & offered complements at the end.  So gearing up for my "Video Assisted" class was not a complete shock.  I knew a little of what I was up against.  

Preparing for the first class I had to get my audio video system sorted out.  I found a short throw HD projector & a portable 120" screen.  I didn't really like the mic & sound system in the spin room so I brought my own.  I built up a rack of amplifiers, mixers & a high quality wireless headset mic hooked to a 15" subwoofer & commercial Klipsch speakers.  I really wanted to deliver the entire package & It rocked!  

Since I was a new spin instructor teaching a new class we promoted it quite a bit.  Using social media & flyers around the gym we attempted to create interest & target real cyclist.  The gym owners & I were all excited & had hopeful expectations for the turn out.  We had over 30 bikes set out ready for the crowd.  The turnout was a little disappointing...I think we had 5 or 7 people.  None of whom were cyclist.  It was comprised of older mostly out of shape people who really had no idea we were trying something special.   They were just showing up for A spin class that fit their schedules.  

Overall the class went well though.  A little humbling but I & the attendees had fun & got a great workout.  I was just speaking freely describing how the trail felt at different points & leading the people through a random routine just following the video.   I learned early on that I needed to be better organized with how the segments felt.  I knew I wanted on screen data of some type but was not sure what that would be.  

For the next weeks class we worked on video overlay on screen data to help guide me & the classes as to how the trail really feels.  I dissected the video/trail over many hours of painstaking work & came up with 59 resistance changes through the course of the video ranging from as little as 10 seconds to 7 minute continued efforts.  These ranged from standing 10 out of 10 sprints to completely stopping pedaling to get a full recovery.  It looked & felt strange compared to a normal spin class but it was authentic to how it felt out on the trail.  

We used an on screen countdown timer & level 1-10 to show what perceived resistance you should be at & for how long.  All of the quick adjustments at our first go around were difficult to deal with.  As a participant you would get caught off guard & miss a level change or get behind or out of sync somehow.   For the next weeks class our solution to this was to add a "Next" data field.  This would show what level was coming & for how long.  This was really the fix.  The 2 data fields showing current time & level & what was coming up next made it so it was easy to follow along & budget power to deal with the coming challenge.  It was starting to work.  

The randomness of a real mountain bike trail ride idea was starting to work.  I started out just wanting visual entertainment but what I found is the genuine dynamics of a mountain bike trail made for an exceptionally hard workout!  We would be climbing for several minutes at a hard pace & then have to stand & sprint to the top of a short steep hill to make it & the visual motivation to get there would push you harder than you could push yourself.  

As we got better & kept at it word got around.  Each week we would have a few more participants.  After several weeks when winter really set in we began having some of the real cycling community showing up.  Since not all of them were members to this gym they would pay per visit to take the class.  Before long we had entire groups of friends going out of their way to make it to our class not unlike meeting at a trailhead for a group ride in the summer.  We started running out of bikes & having to turn people away!  

What fun.  There was a catch though.  We had been watching the same video for 2 months now.  Everyone including myself was sick of it.  One night I used a road bike video I bought from another company to break things up & got complaints afterword that they came to see a mountain bike video.   

It was time to make another.

Spintertainment is born:

Eric LandisComment

After my struggles finding motivational entertainment for my off season & indoor mountain bike training purposes I started looking into what it would take to make my own.  As an amateur photo/video enthusiast I had made some promotional videos for my current technology company & enjoyed doing it.  At first I thought I would just go take onboard helmet camera footage of some of my favorite trails to use on my own.  I tried it but the footage was just too monotonous & shaky for even me to watch for an hour or more. Then I began having thoughts of setting a camera on a tripod & just riding by for an entire trail.  Geeze what a process, that would not work.  As I realized how hard it would be & what all resources it would require to do even a decent job with I got overwhelmed.  I had to think bigger.  

If I actually wanted to do it right I would need real cinematographers to acquire the video footage & edit it together.  If I went that far maybe someone else could use it & help me fund the project.  I approached my favorite local gym & asked if they would consider paying to help me film some local trails to use in their spin studio.  They did not feel comfortable doing that but they were very interested in the concept.  They invited me to lead some of their classes & said I could test the videos with real people, which turned out to be tremendously helpful.  

When I came up with the name Spintertainment that was even more encouragement to try making some mountain bike spin videos.  I pulled up my big boy pants & decided to go after making & funding the project on my own.  I started looking around for a cinematographer to hire to make a prototype video.  I knew of a few people in the industry & just kept my eye out.  Via social media I saw that a friend of mine Quinn Maxwell who is a passionate, talented & well trained cinematographer was looking for work.  I told him of my idea & that there was not much money to work with but it would be a job & of course I was optimistic about its potential.  

We went to work planning out a first prototype video.  Since we live in the Fruita/Grand Junction area of Colorado  we had many world class trails to consider.  We decided on the infamous & world renowned Mary's Loop trail featuring the Horse Thief Bench side trail.  We scheduled 2 days to go out & film.  Our plan was to shoot cinematic quality shots of all the interesting trail sections with on board helmet camera as filler in the less interesting  parts.  It turned out we were not even close to having enough time.  Shooting every feature on the trail was so time consuming.   We scheduled 3 more days & were getting close.  

Now comes the editing process.  Most young people involved in video production are used to making short highlight edits just a couple minutes long.  We of course were bringing together an hour long edit composed of short couple second each clips.  The process of organizing & editing into a seamless trail ride was extremely difficult.  It literally took weeks of almost full time editing.  

Finally we had a completed video!   No fancy anything, no music or soundtrack just a one hour edit.  Time to try it out in a spin class.  

It begins. The struggle to find motivation & entertainment for spin bike training.

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As an avid mountain bike rider & professional Enduro/Down Hill racer living in Colorado the winters can be long.  Over the last few years I have used professional spin classes at local gyms &/or a home exercise bike training on my own to stay in shape or improve my fitness during the winter leading into the spring.  To be honest I find it miserable.  Miserable but necessary.  Its necessity has kept me searching for a way to enjoy training more.  I have had small amounts of success with various tactics such as entertainment media & the personal touch of a professional spin studio.  

The professional spin studio environment is very dynamic & motivating.  It's like having a personal trainer but not having to pay for one.  There is not only a leader but other people around you to hold you accountable & not let you get lazy.  That being said many spin instructors are just doing their job & some don't even ride real bikes outdoors.  The scenario is they describe a virtual environment & you follow along.  So they will say "OK we are climbing a hill now" & you are supposed to pretend you are climbing a hill & work hard.  I have found this fake environment somewhat off putting & although while I am there it works well it is difficult to return to.   It never felt the same as when I was out mountain biking & the workout was just not what I was looking for.  

Once I decided following along with a spin instructor was not working for me I invested in a home spin bike system.  For me, mounting my mountain bike in a resistance trainer was the most affordable solution.   I thought "oh this will be great!" I can just listen to my music or watch TV & it will be easy & fun to spend time training.  I was wrong again.  Almost immediately using this system when I would start to feel fatigued I would just back off & not work that hard.  It's not that I am a lazy or unmotivated person but there was never a reward or stopping point to my efforts.  Its not like I got to see the top of a climb coming & get that good feeling of making it.  I was never rewarded by extra speed to charge into a rough section of trail.  The challenges & efforts of mountain biking are directly & quickly rewarded with natural fun & enjoyment.  Even watching my favorite movies in my living room did not make me want to train or even when I did I was not feeling great results.  

Each year after spending the winter doing my best with strength training & on spin bikes of various natures the first time I hit the dirt trail I felt weak!  It was so frustrating!    I did see results on the spin bike & I was confident I was making progress but still...  How can I feel so weak when I have done literally months of training?  I sort of already knew it but what was being confirmed is the sheer torque of real gravity & real rocks & bumps required a much deeper & more dynamic strength than I was able to duplicate by just sitting & spinning.   

This lead me to look into sprint style interval training.  There are many ways to do this with interval timers & many different programs to follow.  You would use a timer & sprint with all your might for let's say 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds & do it again.  From that deep strength point of view I would say this approach works.  I did increase the difficulty & effectiveness of my workouts!  Yay!  However I also increased how miserable the workouts became.  The eventual hatred for the pain would cause me to avoid working out.  A very normal human reaction.  So I found a workout that felt as hard as out on the trail but without the natural goals of reaching the top of a hill or going fast enough to clear a jump I hated doing it & all but refused to do it.  Once again, one step forward 2 steps backward.  

So now I started looking at real cycling spin videos.  I wanted to see & virtually experience riding a bike.  I could not duplicate the enjoyment of really riding so maybe the people making these spin videos have something figured out.  Overall I would say they do.  I purchased a few products & did hours of research on the way.  All I could find was road riding videos but I was still excited for a more real experience.  Some of the videos just used onboard first person filming styles.  Some used cameras from 3rd party views such as from a bike behind or vehicle of some type filming riders in beautiful locations.  Still others used licensed footage from real road races such as the Tour De France.  As with my other attempts to keep myself motivated & enjoying training as much as I do really mountain biking I had some major hang ups.  First off is the obvious that I was watching road riding which although is better than nothing was not quite as interesting to me as my local trails.  The more important part is that as you follow along with these videos the workouts are obviously engendered toward a road type fitness which is generally slower paced between efforts than what I was used to & looking for.  

I thought I figured out my problem.  I was just searching "bicycle spin videos" & all the top results were road.  I needed to search "Mountain Bike Spin Videos".  Of course that is what I need.  But there is a problem.  Nothing comes up when you search that.  I try all different combinations of searches to find the product I am looking for.  The only thing that comes up is a super lame 1 hour dizzying shaky onboard camera of someone's mountain bike ride.  I am baffled but there are no mountain bike spin videos on the market.  

I need this product & if no one else is making it then maybe I will have to.  The idea for Spintertainment is born.