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Eric and Sara Landis

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We produce high quality Mountain Bike spin videos for home and commercial use. We are looking for sponsors. These include opening and closing credits or creative in video product placement highlights.  We can promote anything from the equipment we use on our trail rides to the products you would use at home or in the gym while spinning.  We also enjoy working with the communities to promote the areas we ride in and the local companies that the mountain biking scene supports.  

Every spin video on the market today utilizes road biking. We are the first company to focus on sharing the motivating and dynamic experience of mountain biking with the spinning community.

We document the best trails in the country as a complete trail ride… literally from the beginning to the end.  The experience is authentic…and it’s a way to feel like you’re on the trail when you can’t actually make it out... especially during the off-season, making training something to look forward to.  

We have a dedicated and uniquely skilled film crew documenting every trail from a 3rd person view using very little or no helmet cam footage.  The nice thing about our approach is our sponsors get more than just logo overlays on the intro and outro of the video. We create real-life scenarios that show your product being used.

Spin classes offer interested and captive audiences to our sponsors.  Each sponsor gets realistic product placement and will have unique highlight shots included.  This approach allows our sponsors to organically advertise in a way that’s visually compelling.

Our target market is comprised of mountain bikers, individuals at home and professional spin studios all over the world.  Mountain Biking Spin Videos are unique, new and are needed by the mountain biking and spinning communities! 

We are flexible, creative and can adjust our style to fit any sponsor’s desires.  Please contact us if you would like to be featured in any of our videos either with title credits or with in-video unique product placement shots. 

Use the form, email, or call to ask questions and to get involved!