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North Fruita Desert

The infamous North Fruita Desert (18 Road) is where mountain biking dreams come true.  The expansive network of buff single track ribbons through the high alpine desert of Colorado draws riders from around the globe.  

In this ride we follow along with local pro Eric Landis starting and ending at the lower parking lot linking together a series of the locals favorite trails in the "right" direction for an hour of sheer entertainment.  With super dynamic steep punchy climbs, long sit and spin efforts and full recovery down hill segments you can ride along for an authentic Fruita, Colorado mountain biking experience.  

A custom "Heads Up Display" and cadence matched original music soundtrack allows you to pedal to the beat to drive your workout like never before!

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Our most popular "Authentic" workout is as random as the trail itself. Grueling climbs & out of the seat sprinting will make the hour fly by.

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Short high power intervals engineered to develop strength & acceleration. 2 Sets of 4 repeating twice with plenty of recovery for quality power reps!


Medium length engineered intervals useful for real world trail riding. Sets of 4 with increasing intensity while shortening duration & recovery.  


Longer intervals to challenge endurance while still being ready to attack! Not much recovery will force you to hold on with all you are worth. 

video onlY

No on-screen "Heads up Display" prompts. Just a nice simple video W/Countdown Timer to ride along with while you do your own workout or go at your own pace.


Everything you need to be strong everywhere this collection of 5 videos features the 4 individual workouts plus the countdown timer only version.