Grand Junction Economic Partnership Spintertainment SPONSORSHIP Proposal

Spintertainment is a unique indoor cycling fitness video series. It stands alone as one of a kind simply by focusing on the entertaining & motivating visual experience of mountain biking! We are currently in the process of completing the finishing touches to release the series for sale globally. Since we are based in Grand Junction, 3 of the 6 trail rides we have are filmed on our world class trails with professional riders. 

What is Spintertainment Video

We are currently seeking financial title sponsorship support. In your case we would include the communities in which the trails were filmed in a bright & encouraging light. We fully expect our products to be a global hit since there has never been anything like what we are doing on the market. We want to make sure that beyond doing a good job of making the videos, we make the locations we choose to film a destination location for outdoor vacationers from all over the world! 

What sponsors can expect video:)

Spin videos are very popular. There are many successful road biking video series on the market. A quick Youtube search of "spin video" will result in an abundance of very high view counts. 500k to over a million views of what we consider very sub par videos prove there are copious amounts of people searching & watching them. We have been working on this project for 3 years attempting to self fund it. At this point we are 95% there. The last hurdle was finding copyright free music to use. It is very expensive so we ended up hiring local musicians to create custom music soundtracks. This allowed us to custom tailor the music to match the workout cadence & intensity making it an added tool to our videos we have never seen done by any of the competition. By supporting us you will be supporting other artists in the area!

Rider & filmer happy with the shot.

Rider & filmer happy with the shot.

For the Grand Junction Area we have 3 trails that have been filmed here. The Lunch Loops in Grand Junction, North Fruita 18 Road trails, & the infamous Loma Mary's Loop/Horsethief Bench. Within each video we plan to make 4 different workouts with the same background image. This means you would actually be featured in 12 videos for the price of 3. Here are 60 second previews of each:

Our proposal for you is to have clear & prominent sponsorship placement in the intro & outro of the video itself. This will also include being listed clearly on the website page for each video as well as featured in the custom thumbnail of the video title you see before watching the video itself.  We will include mapping of each community & trail system itself. We could even promote the communities in other ways such as making recommendations of where to stay while here & where to eat & get a good beer! Very important to mountain bikers. 

Our title sponsorship opportunity is $2,000 per video x 3 so only $6,000 total for a world wide reach inside a very unique product. 

This quick shot of our riders dropping in on the almost unrideable Horse Thief Bench drop in has had over 55,000 views & is somewhat famous in the mountain biking community:

Here is a full length prototype video of Mary's Loop with our latest "Heads up Display" workout & a custom music soundtrack.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

I look forward to working with you.

Eric Landis


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