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HOMEMADE GOODNESS in Downtown Fruita Co. 

Mary's Loop with the side line Horse Thief Bench is one of the most photographed trails in the country.  Not only is its location & backdrop beautiful but it is where everyone wants to ride!  Located just West of Fruita Colorado we will traverse above the Colorado river bouncing over rocks & ledges all the way.  With nice warm up & cool down periods this great workout will leave you breathless in the middle charging toward refreshing recovery times as you descend the world famous Horse Thief Bench drop in. 

A custom "Heads Up Display" and cadence matched original music soundtrack allows you to pedal to the beat to drive your workout like never before!

$3.99 RENT FOR 3 DAYS - $14.99 BUY FOREVER - $59.99 OWN ALL 5


Our most popular "Authentic" workout is as random as the trail itself. Grueling climbs & out of the seat sprinting will make the hour fly by.


Short high power intervals engineered to develop strength & acceleration. Sets of 3 growing in intensity! 


Medium length engineered intervals useful for real world trail riding. 8 Sets of brutal Under/On/Over Threshold x 2!

xc cross country

Longer intervals to challenge endurance while still being ready to attack! Steady State Fixed Gear Workout. Adjusting difficulty with pedal speed. 


No on-screen "Heads up Display" prompts. Just a nice simple video W/Countdown Timer to ride along with while you do your own workout or go at your own pace.


Everything you need to be strong everywhere this collection of 5 videos features the 4 individual workouts plus the countdown timer only version.