Take 2. Making another Mountain Bike Spin Video

We did have success with our first attempt at mountain bike spin videos but we had some failures also.  We got great feedback from guest of the class & what we heard over & over again is they really enjoyed the 3rd parts directors style shots.  In the first video we had about 20% of those nice panning or follow along shots where you could see the rider & terrain.  The other 80% was from onboard footage such as helmet camera or other similar shots.  People did not say they did not like those shots but they insinuated it.  

For our 2nd movie our goal was to go the other way & have at least 80% 3rd party shots with a small amount of onboard footage.  Since it was now in the dead of winter shooting another was going to be difficult.  It seemed most of my friends were making trips down to Sedona AZ & had wonderful things to say about it.  That was it then, a trip to Sedona was scheduled.

We really wanted to set this video apart & step up our production quality.  Longer shots, with better equipment, a 2nd cameraman, an RC Drone helicopter & more were gathered for this trip.  With the limited battery life & capabilities of the RC copter we also hired a real helicopter for 1/2 a day.  We scheduled plenty of time during an entire week living down there.  I invested into a truck slide in cab over camper that all 3 of us would live out of for the week.  We were ready!

Everything went almost perfect & according to plan.  Of course we ran into some challenges but in reality it was great.  Great weather & local friends to show us around & hang out with after hours.  The last day was the "real" helicopter day.  None of us had been up in a real helicopter & did not know what to expect filming by hand from up there.   We could have used a stabilization system of some sort & a different selection of lenses but once again  it went pretty well.  With a little work in post we were able to stabilize it & had some amazing long smooth shots that really told the story of the trail.  

We filmed a point to point ride on the Slim Shady Trails, transferring to High Line & finishing on Baldwin trail.  The edit came together in great fashion.  We laid our system of video overlays with timers & perceived resistance on it & debuted it to our spin class.  It was a hit!  We really nailed it & had a great looking product.  We were creeping up on having a saleable product to the world.   We were still missing the last few pieces such as a website, logo, branding & really any & all of the business side of it besides the idea.  

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