Letter to Spin Studios

My name is Eric Landis and am a professional mountain biker and cinematographer. 6 years ago I began filming a mountain bike spin video series called Spintertainment. We are in process of developing a commercial/studio focused video series that would work really well with your theaters!

For the release back in 2016 we made videos for personal at home use with the vision of these videos being used in group classes. While most at home users are male we noticed most studio participants were female. Our studio vision compelled us to feature pro women riders in over 50% of our videos! The dynamic and entertaining nature of mountain biking is not enough though. We have also created our own music soundtracks with commercially licensed music so the beat always perfectly matches the workout and the volume is automated to match the intensity of the moment. The graphics to follow along are clear, giving you the data you need so you are always prepared for the next move.

All of those features are included in every video but our studio line of videos feature more. We have a 10 minute prior to class welcome screen with info about the workout, and welcoming background music. A the end of class the video will end and gently go to a "Thank You For Coming" screen again with background music. All of our current workouts are 1 hour long so with the welcome and thank you screens these videos are 1:20 long in all. We even have virtual instructor versions where in a well lit green screen studio our professional instructors get placed up in the corner to tell stories from the trails and guide groups through the workout. These can be used for when an instructor calls in sick or even for dedicated classes where you don't want to pay for an actual human instructor. People are hesitant about it but our participants come away really happy with the virtual instructor experience.

We have been testing the studio videos at local gyms and are looking to partner with a larger organization to work together and see how to deliver our video solution on a larger scale. We need to know what length of video would best fit your model and we can customize them to fit the need. I would be interested in meeting with you and show you our product in person or even lead some classes myself at a location of your choosing so you can get client feedback on our experience.

Thank you for your consideration,

Eric Landis



2768 Compass Drive #104

Grand Junction Colorado 81506

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