Getting Funded.

Until now I have kept working full time in my technology business All Sound Designs.  I have made many sacrifices to fund Spintertainment with my meager pay & have been selling personal items to keep us going.  These personal items include a recreational rock crawler truck, large tools & extra audio video equipment I don't need any more.  These items had personal & emotional value to me but making Spintertainment work is more important.  

After selling about everything I can of any value I was reaching an end to my resources.  That is when we had the idea to start looking for sponsors or investors into the videos.  We are using well branded equipment all through our videos such as the bike, components, apparel & more.   We would be presenting these videos in front of an enthusiastic & interested crowd that would be great promotion for anyone in the cycling or even spinning community.  

I had this silly "Your Logo Here" video idea where I rode an all white bike in all white gear with "Your Logo Here" decals stuck all over.  We used highlights from riding that bike combined with the real footage from the 18 road shoot & a testimonial from my wife & co-owner Sara Landis to state simply what our goals are & the fact that we need sponsors to bring this product to life.  

We are putting the final touches on the website & have the Your Logo Here video about ready to go.  We want to start planning our next video shoot but must wait to get sponsors or other project funding arranged.  I plan on using other means such as Kickstarter also to bring this product to life & build an inventory of videos to keep people entertained & motivated during the off season or when having to train indoors. 

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