Spintertainment Press Release for Friday January 27th 2017


Spintertainment Mountain Bike Spin Videos Official Release!

January 27th 2017 Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Indoor training just got a lot more fun with the release of Spintertainment, the world's first quality Mountain Bike spin videos! Designed to emulate the experience of riding on some of the best trails in the world from start to finish and getting a great workout along the way.  The dynamics of mountain biking make this an especially motivating and entertaining way to make an hour of hard work go by.  

Husband and wife Eric & Sara Landis started filming mountain bike trails 4 years ago to make training in the off season less miserable. Over that time, they developed several unique features.  Their easy to follow on screen display lets you know what is coming up next so you are always mentally prepared.

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They offer several engineered workout options such as POWER, TRAIL and CROSS COUNTRY but their "AUTHENTIC" version is truly unique.  It exactly matches what it feels like to ride the actual trail. The workout is fast paced and as random as the trail itself! 


Also the fully custom "Cadence Matched" music soundtrack allows you stay on the RPM pace even when you don't have pedal speed feedback. Pedaling to the beat is not only fun, but helps you dig deep into the red zone by not slowing when you get tired. 

Professional riders star in their videos & they are extremely female friendly. Lady shredders are featured in over 50% of their videos.  These videos are fun to watch and the riders are all impressive and may even give you some new goals, especially after watching two girls ride the entire Horsethief Bench drop in! 

Spintertainment is launching the new series with 2 "trails", Mary's Loop/Horse Thief Bench & the 18 Road trails. Each offering 5 workout options, totaling 10 - 1 hour videos. These both take place in the high desert of Fruita, Colorado.  Shortly after that release they have new videos getting the finishing touches added to them in Deer Valley Utah, Sedona Arizona, Arapahoe Basin/Keystone Colorado, Grand Junction Colorado, Crested Butte Colorado (2 Hour Version) & Moab Utah. Their library will soon be totaling 45 videos competing with the best currently available! 

To watch the videos, Spintertainment partnered with the VHX video delivery service offering apps to play the videos anywhere you want. VHX offers apps for every major device including Apple, Android, Amazon, Roku & more! Their app gives you the ability to download the videos to your mobile device while on the go for use even when you are not connected to internet. 

  • From now until February 14th (Valentines Day) they are offering all their products 50% off!
  • After the 14th, Standard pricing will be:
    • $9.99 Streaming from the full library.
    • $3.99 for a 3 Day Rental.
    • $14.99 Purchase to own. There will be a pay what you want slider so if you like what you see & want to support more videos being made feel free to give'em a tip. 

Eric & Sara have managed to fund production of this overwhelmingly large project on their own so far but do need help. They are are looking for sponsors for existing or upcoming projects. This silly "Your Logo Here" video explains how a sponsorship works. 

Behind the Scenes

Thank you for your interest and support of Mountain Bike Spin Videos!

For more Information Please visit:


email: hello@spintertainment.com


White Spintertainment Logo...

White Spintertainment Logo...